Hi there, I'm Cruz, I'm 18, my life would not be complete without Tegan and Sara, Nintendo, dancing, and many other things including my beautiful Lynx point Siamese, Rain. I make YouTube videos. I skateboard occasionally. I'm a child. I spend my days watching cartoons and reading comic books. Add me on the following as well:

-YouTube: quinwizard17

-Snapchat: quinwizard17

-Instagram: quinwizard17

-Vine: Cruz Conley


Instagram @quinwizard17

Pierce the Veil comes to Virginia in November AND February 😳

Asked Anonymous

Aw :’) ❤️

Asked Anonymous

I’m sorry D:

Aha yea that’s a good one xD

Ah thank you! 😊

Finally got my laptop so I think I might film soon. Any ideas or suggestions?


shout out to IMDb for always reminding me where i recognise that actor from

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