Hi there, I'm Cruz, I'm 18, my life revolves around Tegan and Sara, Nintendo, and much more including self reliance and true happiness. I make YouTube videos. I'm a child. I spend my days watching cartoons and reading comic books but deep inside I know I'm a grown up. Disregard my "about me" tab, because Tumblr is an ass and won't let me edit or delete it. Add me in the following as well:

-YouTube: quinwizard17

-Snapchat: quinwizard17

-Instagram: quinwizard17

-Vine: Cruz Conley


Instagram @quinwizard17

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First and Last of The Circle (1998-2006)

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This fucking opossum ohmygod

Ladies and Gentlemen, Miss Amy Winehouse. Sept 14, 1983.

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dan looking through space and time

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Here are some of my gifs of cute animals forcing you to subscribe to amazingphil and danisnotonfire :)


Get Dan to 4 mil - Dan and Pooh


Get Phil to 2 mil - shiba inu


Get Dan to 4 mil - Winnie the Pooh


Get Phil to 2 mil - little dog


Get Dan to 4 mil - bear

And some more here and here